Optimizing performance of today’s electronic systems requires professional design, wiring, tuning and programming experience. At Home Theater specializes in integrating many brands of electronic equipment into a unified whole. Our services provide you and your family with years of exceptional entertainment and home control.

We invite you to browse some of our prior projects below. Larger images can be viewed by clicking an image.

We specified a two-zone receiver so the homeowners could listen to music on their patio without requiring additional amplifiers.
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Wall-mounted plasma with in-wall speakers painted to match the wall color. Extra room was left around the plasma in case the homeowners ever change to an even larger flat screen.
Eye-popping, actual high-definition picture from an LCD TV installed in a basement home theater room.
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Custom designed wallplate hides 8 channels of surround sound speaker cables, 4 video inputs to a plasma in the wall, and provides for short, clean equipment connections.
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Before and After shot of in-wall bipolar surround speakers.
Large, custom built-in housing a complete audio/video system; designed by a partner millworker.
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The columns extend to reveal room for all of your DVDs and CDs.
The cabinet reveals a pull-out component rack which simplifies system servicing.
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Client Quotes
"It was a pleasure working with At Home Theater. When we decided to update our entertainment system, we never felt overwhelmed by the choices available to us. At Home Theater explained the benefits of all the components and recommended the best ones to meet our needs. At Home Theater helped us make informed choices and then installed and programmed our system and showed us how to use it. From beginning to end, this experience was a joy. Our entertainment system is fabulous. We look forward to recommending At Home Theater to our friends."
-- The Millers
"I was extremely impressed with At Home Theater in both their product knowledge and service. They took the time to assess exactly what I needed and provided me with a couple of different options. The widescreen television they selected is amazing. It could be my single greatest purchase since I am a BIG sports fan! The High-Def broadcasts are incredible. Bob was great and I would highly recommend him to anyone shopping for home audio/video equipment. I will never again waste time shopping at the big retail stores."
-- Jeff Doucette
"I had often heard about audio imaging, but never really understood how imaging affected the audio experience. At Home Theater told me I would love Definitive Technology’s bipolar speakers and now I understand what an impact imaging can have on music and movies. The difference was clear the first time I listened to these speakers. I now also understand what it means to sit back and enjoy the experience! When dealing with At Home Theater, you are not dealing with an electronic store. The service is extremely personalized; I could not believe how well they understood and satisfied my needs. I would highly recommend the experience of working with At Home Theater to anyone.”
-- Al Bourjaili

"On my own I bought high-end TV and audio equipment but nothing worked together and the new system was badly misconfigured. I called in At Home Theater and they made everything work well together and unified the system under one remote. Not only does everything work beautifully now, but the service has been extremely fast and outstanding. My plasma system had never looked or worked better."

-- Steve Benjamin