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Interior Designers

Got a light problem in your home theater room? We'll work with your interior designer on solving this and choosing great looking, theater appropriate furnishings.

Home entertainment and control systems must tie-in well with a home's interior design to provide maximum enjoyment for the family and guests. We take aesthetics seriously and enjoy working with interior architects and interior designers who understand that high-performance electronics can greatly enhance living spaces. We partner with local firms who share our high-performance and ease-of-use credos and exchange referrals whenever clients desire such services. If your clients need electronic systems integrated with their designs, feel free to contact us.


Proper home theater design involves space planning, wiring and power load analysis, lighting and acoustic design. Today's discriminating clients will appreciate and reward architects whose work accounts for such issues. AHT Smart Homes can perform technical analyses and provide specifications to meet all of these requirements and help you deliver the kind of smart home that your clients love.



The earlier you bring in electronics systems designers during a construction or renovation project, the better. Try to make it no later than when your house is framed and before insulation is installed, as seen here. Then wiring can be up to five times faster than with closed walls and your wiring options are much greater as well.

Virtually everyone buying custom-built homes wants integrated high end entertainment systems. For many builders, pre-wiring throughout the house for future audio and video installations is the end of their involvement. This presents a market differentiation opportunity; in partnership with AHT Smart Homes, a builder can present a broad portfolio of in-home entertainment options to clients in a fashion similar to appliance options. With early involvement in the home design process, clients get systems that integrate perfectly with their new custom homes.